Brendan Brazier– plant based Ironman triathlete champion –web site or video and Podcast interview that discuss recovery between workouts (see May 2010 here)

Arm Wrestling

Rob Bigwood’s blog is here and interview with Mercy for Animals is here

Body Building

Robert Cheeke-vegan body builder- website here & podcast interview here (show #98)

Kimberly Carlson-website here


Cam. F. Awesome here and Omowale Adewale here


Bonebreaker finds recovery faster and more strength after going vegan


Blog on vegan distance biking

Skating, skiing and running-vegan Olympic medal winners here

podcast on how Nitric Acid in foods like beets, kale and collard greens helps runner performance (see Oct 2012)

Several articles on plant based athletics on Dr. T. Colin Campbell’s site 

Food-how it powers athletes here